Landlord Tenant Law - Lease Agreement

Landlord/tenant disputes can arise for many different reasons. In some cases, these disputes arise because the tenant fails to pay the rent or damages the property in some way. In other cases, disputes arise because the landlord doesn’t maintain the property as required or otherwise violates the terms of the lease. Regardless of the situation or your role in the case, we can help you protect your rights in landlord/tenant disputes.


When a tenant fails to uphold certain aspects of the lease agreement, eviction proceedings can begin. Whether you are a landlord who needs to evict a tenant or you are a tenant fighting eviction, Zimmerman Law Firm can help.

Lease Agreement

Lease agreements are often complicated and impose many requirements on both the landlord and the tenant. When one or both parties violate the agreement, attorneys must often get involved. Our firm can represent you in landlord/tenant disputes. We can also help with the drafting and/or review of lease agreements.

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